Annual Update 2018 VNG International

‘We have introduced Citizens Charters with the EU-project. It was never experienced before in Egyptian municipalities. We now inform citizens about their rights and obligations. That gives us a sense of credibility.’

‘This project was meant to make changes in the attitude of Egyptian local civil servants. We had our old school beliefs as you'd expect. But after the workshops that were guided by the Dutch experts we've become more oriented towards citizens satisfaction and delivering better services.’

Mrs. Hanan Haretz

Manager of the Heliopolis Public

Service Centre

‘Out of all the challenges we had to deal with in our pursuit of reforming local administration and improving the public service, the challenge of upgrading the capacities of our management and staff and improving their skills stood as the most difficult and demanding one. With the help of the PARLOD project we managed to achieve the goals we set for reform and public service improvement, which eventually made Ismailia a model for the rest of the Egyptian governorates in that regard.’

Mr. Yassin Taher

Governor of Ismailia



‘The EU-project helped us to discover our innovative capabilities.’

Ms. Naglaa Yusuf

Monitoring Officer of Ismailia Governorate


building more effective public administration by strengthening

local government

Featured Project

Support to Public Administration Reform

and Local Development

in Egypt (PARLOD)





> PARLOD focuses on public administrative reform and local development in Egypt, by supporting the Egyptian government to improve public services, support the process of decentralisation and build capacity of local administrations and civil servants.<


The project assisted 8 pilot local Public Service Centres (PSCs) in 4 Governorates to improve their systems. Results include:

  • improved service delivery relating to construction permits, shop permits and billboard permits, e.g. up to 70 % less processing time for applications. The service centres use this experience and methodology to also improve their other public services;
  • continuous customer satisfaction surveying, citizens charters and benchmarking on key performance indicators are now in place, and toolkits to support the roll out are available. The Cairo Governorate (39 districts) and others already decided to roll out these instruments to other PSCs during the project lifetime.


No change without well-prepared managers in the public administration. Results include:

  • 450 trained senior and junior level managers (40% women) from 4 Governorates;
  • 24 talented Egyptian civil servant managers (50% women) trained as trainers;
  • 160 managers trained by the newly trained Egyptian trainers were certified in December 2017. Click here for our video (Facebook)
  • continued training of staff by several Governorates, independent from the EU project. By May 2018 already 150 additional local administration managers trained by the Egyptian trainers;
  • a Service Principles Manual, including tools and instruments, now available;
  • introduction of eLearning for the public sector; eLearning infrastructure and four eLearning modules for central and local administrative civil servants operational;
  • Online Support System in place, with nationwide access for civil servants to laws and regulations, legal norms, good practices and reference models for service delivery procedures, training packages and more;
  • development of regional training centres in three pilot Governorates, with training packages, training of trainers, equipment and more;
  • good practices developed on citizens engagement and integrated planning.