Annual Update 2018 VNG International



‘Having a digital archive means various problems solved like: double attribution, messed up land lots, landfills in different levels and long waiting time for civilians to be attended’

Albano Carige António

Alderman of construction,

Infra-structure and Urbanization




‘The digital archive will facilitate the civil servants as well as the civilians and contribute to good governance’

‘ What we want by digitalizing the cadastral archive is simply improve the service towards our citizens’

Daviz Simango

Mayor of Beira



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Developing Sustainable and

Resilient Cities and Communities by strengthening local government

Featured Project

Mozambique, Beira Land Administration Capacity Development Project


> The wider objective of the project is to improve the municipal organization of Beira in order for the city to better fulfil their role as a municipality in general, in particular their role within the Beira Master Plan. The specific objective is to enable the Municipality of Beira to organize and improve their land planning and management systems and performance, in terms of technical capacities as well as organizational performance. In fact it touches on all aspects of the land administration: from the more technical and technological aspects as indexing, digitization and recordation, through Strategy & Control, Organization & Process, Planning & Control, to People and Culture.


Results include:

  • First steps have been taken to complete a new land administration system for the city of Beira, including a new fully equipped digitization room, trained staff, and more than 50% of all land titles (15.000) have been digitized and can be retrieved from the system by name or title;
  • Increased level of transparency in land administration as a result of the new digitalized system. It is transparent who created (changes in) the files; and it is now regulated which departments and which people have access;
  • Organisational improvements relating to land administration have been introduced in the municipal organization;
  • High level of involvement in and satisfaction expressed by citizens (especially farmers) on the process of recordation and compensation for the small pieces of land (Machambas) they are to vacate in order for the city of Beira to develop a flood-resistant area;
  • Citizens/farmers are more involved in the future developments of the city;
  • A baseline analysis was done of the tax system, resulting in a separate tax improvement project.