Annual Update 2018 VNG International


‘We were working under the rules and regulations made by the government and were out of touch with the voices of the people. But now we are able to listen to the problems people are facing’.

U Aung Kyan, Ward Administrator Myeik


‘As a result of the project, we were able to convince the Development Municipal Affairs Committee to include the budget for this drainage system in their planning’.

U Hein Htet

Loka Ahlinn Social Development Network, Dawei


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Involving Citizens in Decision Making by strengthening local government

Featured Project

Myanmar, Promotion

of Participatory and Accountable Local Governance in Tanintharyi Region (PALGO)


> The project aims at enhancing the capacities of local authorities (LAs) in the region, in participatory development planning and accountable financial management processes; at strengthening active engagement and dialogue between LAs, local civil society (including women and youth) and business associations in ways that foster public participation, transparency, accountability and communication; and at promoting in-country knowledge of and support for participatory and accountable local governance through development and dissemination of sustainable and innovative models, tools, research and resource materials.


Results include:

  • Government officials, businesses and the public have got a much better understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities; government officials now publicly acknowledge it is important to listen to citizens’ needs, and citizens express they are feeling heard;
  • Project activities brought local government representatives, CSOs, NGOs and citizens together. They used to live in ‘separate worlds’, and were first a bit distant from each other, but soon they started to see they are on the same team;
  • There is now a strong awareness that they together define the local governance patterns in their area, and that they need each other in order to achieve progress;
  • In a structured process, with training and guidance being part of it, the participants chose a specific problem – such as beautifying the lake or enhancing the drainage system – and together they used the tools that were provided and came up with solutions for their problems;
  • Citizens not only learned about the concepts of participation, transparency and accountability but also put them into practice;
  • Local government staff feel a lot more self-confident in engaging with citizens, CSOs and businesses. In some cases the local government budget (DOA) was structurally raised, amongst others, due to the Social Accountability training modules;
  • A local training centre for participatory and accountable local governance has been established.